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We have assisted our clients in the design and construction of many pre-engineered metal buildings including Office/Maintenance Buildings, Recreation Buildings, Lab/Office Buildings, Solid Waste Transfer Stations, Airport Hangars, Office/Warehouse Facilities and the upgrade of existing stick-built structures.

Care is always taken to determine our customers’ current and long term plans for the buildings we design, as well as the budgetary constraints. We ensure that the building will have the specific types of doors, windows, overhang, awnings, lighting, flooring, bathroom facilities, and breakrooms, etc. that the client desires. We also ask if there are any special requirements or anticipated live load requirements and incorporate that into our design as well. All of our buildings are ADA compliant and designed to meet the Building Codes for the area.


From Community Buildings to Maintenance Facilities/Office Space to Municipal Solid Waste Transfer Stations, Municipal Engineering gets it done!

Featured Project

Richmond County North Carolina Operations and Maintenance Building

The Richmond County Solid Waste Department and Water Services Department were both in need of a maintenance facility. For years the county had been providing maintenance services for all the county vehicles from an old turn of the century house and garage with two bays. They did not have adequate space, electrical power nor storage space and could not work on any vehicle over eight feet tall. MESCO was selected to plan and design a combined Maintenance/Office Building to serve both the Water Services and Solid Waste Departments.

Adequate space for the new facility was available at the Solid Waste landfill. County water was available at the site, but a septic tank drainfield had to be designed for wastewater treatment. MESCO worked with the Solid Waste and Water Service Departments’ management and personnel to determine the needs and desires for the new facility and incorporated as many of those as possible into the final design. Adjustments were made as necessary to stay within the budget constraints. We worked with the Health Department to design and permit a septic system to serve the facility and the County Building Inspector to incorporate their recommendations.

The final design yielded a new facility that currently handles maintenance for all of the County’s vehicles and provides a work location for approximately fifteen employees. Maintenance services include everything from oil changes to engine rebuilds. The building is actually classified as two separate occupancies divided by a two hour firewall between the maintenance and office areas. The Maintenance side of the building includes a drop down dispensing system for all of the bulk liquids used to service the vehicles and includes water, oil, grease, and air. A welding area surrounded by welding curtains is located in a corner of the maintenance area. The service bays are sized to accept vehicles from a passenger car up to a full size tractor and trailer rig and can accommodate a mobile expandable pedestal lift system that is also located in the building. A traveling bridge crane runs the width of the building and can be accessed from two back-to-back bays or one double-length bay.

The Office/Equipment side of the building consists of four offices, restrooms, an employee break room with kitchenette, two secure storage areas, tool storage areas, and a large area for secure over-sized interior storage. An open mezzanine storage area is also included over the offices. In addition, MESCO designed a pneumatic transfer system between the Office Building and the scales at the entrance to the adjacent landfill to facilitate the transfer of weight tickets.

The Richmond County Operations and Maintenance Building was completed in 2016 within budget at a cost of $1.6 million and ahead of schedule.

Town of Cofield Community Building

The Town of Cofield, N.C. had a Town Park, but the only existing indoor recreational facility was in very poor condition and needed to be demolished. MESCO helped the Town obtain Part F grant funding to construct a new Community Building with additional parking. MESCO then designed a 2,880 sq. ft. building with a large common multi-use recreation room, arts and craft room, music room, and indoor game room along with a full kitchen and two handicap accessible restrooms. Limited grant money, limited local funds, and a lack of interested bidders resulted in several changes to the original design including the elimination of overhangs, canopy and brick fascia. However, the project was completed on time in early 2017 and the Town is currently occupying and enjoying the new facilities.