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We live here too


Municipal Engineering has the experience and expertise to help provide environmentally safe solutions for you, your family and your community. Protecting our air, water and soil is important to us. We live here too.

Most people take water for granted in their daily lives. We don’t. The definition of ‘Environmentalist’ is a person who is concerned with or advocates for the protection of the environment. That definition fits every single person at Municipal Engineering. We all live, work, and play here in North Carolina.   

Expert Solutions

“We discovered that Municipal Engineering is expert in this kind of work and has lots of experience with lots of other towns and counties in North Carolina. They were remarkably helpful. Through their efforts, we received over $2,000,000 grant and loan from the Federal Government to do the water sewer system expansion. They’re now in the midst of designing it for us. It’s an exciting project!”

Walt Eccard

Mayor, Town of Shallotte, NC

Safe Water