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Site Development

From the mountains to the ocean


The varied topography in North Carolina brings unique challenges when it comes to site development.

From the mountains to the ocean, MESCO’s decades of proven, local experience and award winning designs will provide competitive solutions to any project.

Our Boone NC office specializes in site development. We keep on top of the changing local, state and federal rules and regulations to produce sound, practical and aesthetic projects for our clients.

NC DOT Approved for:

  • Erosion & Sediment Control Design
  • Building Site Design

“Municipal Engineering is it!”

“We constantly need the services of a company like Municipal Engineering that has that variety of disciplines that we need in terms of Civil Engineering, Utility Engineering, Mechanical Engineering. They do it all for us. In terms of day-to-day needs and somebody who is here locally that has the kind of range of services that we need constantly; Municipal Engineering is it!”

Chris Robbins

President, Tweetsie Railroad

Business on a Handshake

Boone Chamber of Commerce Awards

Award of Merit – New Construction – Small Commercial:

Bubbles Car Wash on U.S. Highway 421 E for good positioning on frontage lot; good landscaping and well placed buffers; good use of materials for a natural look; well laid on ingress and egress for vehicular traffic and great options for a great car wash.

Award of Merit – New Construction – Large Commercial:

The Chamber recognized the Appalcart site for its placement and blending: “The attractive public facing offices and entrance area screen the bus garage bays from the road…The preserved mature woodlands that surround the site provide an attractive backdrop.”

Award of Merit for Development

University Nissan located on U.S. 421 received The Award of Merit for Development in the large commercial category for its design which blends into the natural surrounds without losing commercial identity.

Award of Merit – New Construction – Small Commercial:

Animal Emergency Clinic of the High Country.  As stated by the Chamber, “The creative use of the site reinforces the owner’s sensitivity to the environment, which is evident in the protection of the flood plain and control of storm water run-off…”

Award of Merit – New Construction – Large Commercial

The Church was recognized by the Chamber: “When a structure is as well conceived as the new First Presbyterian Church, it is easy to acknowledge the efforts and passion that went into creating the final product.”

Largest Reliability Project in Blue Ridge History Progresses

The largest electric reliability project in Blue Ridge Energy’s history is progressing with preparation of the site for the new Rutherwood Substation in Watauga County.

While construction on the actual substation for this multi-year project will not begin for another two to three years, a key part of the project has begun to ensure beautification and preservation of woodlands currently on the property.

Design of the substation site by local engineering firm, Municipal Engineering, provides landscaping with a heavy screening of shrubs and trees which will be planted in the next several months so that they will be well established before actual substation construction begins.

The screening plants will be located at the edge of the substation pad to obscure the view from the highway. The slope below the screening plants will be planted in grass. 

Landscaping plans include preserving as many trees as possible currently on the property. Over 160,000 cubic feet of fill dirt is being moved from the property adjacent to the substation site in order to construct the substation pad. 

The substation is part of the cooperative’s transmission line upgrade, which is originating in Ashe County, to increase capacity and improve reliability for members in the mountain service areas of Blue Ridge Energy.

The project also includes the upgrade of a more than 50-year-old transmission line that is reaching the maximum life span to reliably serve members. The new line will increase capacity by converting an existing 100 kV (kilovolt) line to a 230 kV line to meet current and future member growth and demand for electricity.

The upgraded transmission line will carry power from Ashe County to the new Rutherwood substation, which will provide electricity to all of Watauga County and provide backup capacity for other parts of the Blue Ridge Energy electric system.

“This is a vital project as we must ensure we’re meeting the needs of members year round, especially during the severe cold winter weather our mountains experience,” said Alan Merck, Chief Operating Officer for Blue Ridge Energy.

Blue Ridge Energy is a member-owned cooperative serving some 72,000 members in Watauga, Ashe, Alleghany, Caldwell, Avery, Alexander and Wilkes counties. Its Propane and Fuels subsidiary serves customers across the foothills and mountains of North Carolina and includes showrooms in each of the cooperative’s district offices and in Morganton, NC featuring indoor and outdoor hearth and home appliances and products.  Learn more at www.BlueRidgeEnergy.com.

(Source: www.blueridgeenergy.com/news/article/160)

“When the initial bids for grading of our new Rutherwood Substation site came in $2M above our budget we sought out another engineering firm with experience in mountain terrain to prepare a second design. 

We sat down with Municipal Engineering and they sketched a rough design concept after spending only a few hours looking over the project requirements.  Blue Ridge Energy engaged Municipal Engineering for the second design which ended up being very close to the rough sketch they originally showed to us.  When we went out to bid this second design the bids all came in right around our construction budget. 

During construction, Municipal Engineering provided great support and guidance to the selected grading contractor.  We ended up with a great site for our new Rutherwood Substation.  Municipal Engineering’s services to Blue Ridge Energy on this project helped us to keep this project on budget.”

Ralph N. Seamon

PE, Blue Ridge Energy

Publix at Three Creeks

Municipal Engineering was the site engineer for a new 49,000 square foot Publix grocery store.  

This property was the site for the former Kmart. Development included the challenges of realigning a Town street (Postal Street) and reconfiguring the entrances and parking lot on the property across US Highway 321 (Cracker Barrel) in order to accommodate a new stoplight.  An easement for a future greenway was negotiated and included in the design.  Rehabilitation of Pride Drive (another Town street) was also included.  MESCO performed construction administration and inspection during construction.  The store opened on April 5, 2017. 

New Stoplight on Highway 321 for access to Publix, the Post Office and Cracker Barrel.

Work Included:

  • Site Plan
  • Drainage Plan
  • Landscape Plan
  • Grading Plan

Postal Street realigned for better traffic flow and to utilize the new traffic light.

The Standard at Boone

Responsible for design and construction observation of the site work for a 560-bedroom multi-family residential and 23,075 square foot retail/commercial mixed-use project on ten parcels within the Town of Boone.  Work included permitting, grading, storm drainage, sewer relocation, a utility plan and incorporation of a deceleration lane along a major corridor (US Hwy 321).  The project also included daylighting of Boone Creek to restore it to a more natural state for aesthetic/recreational usage.

Autostar Nissan (formerly University Nissan)

Design engineer for new car dealership, including:

  • Grading
  • Drainage
  • Erosion Control
  • Water
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Landscaping

Fresenius Medical Care/Greystone Eye Medical Facility

Municipal Engineering was the site engineer for Fresenius Medical Care Dialysis Center, a 24,796 square foot complex which also houses Greystone Eye and additional commercial mixed use offices.  

Engineering services included:

  • Site Plan
  • Drainage Plan
  • Landscape Plan
  • Grading Plan
  • Erosion Control
  • Well and Septic Permits